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People ask me if I am left or right.   The short answer is neither.  I agree with parts of the left and also parts of the right, but it is better to say I am pro-freedom and the individual's right to choose.
In public matters ie roads, police, beaches, let the public decide (via elected representatives). In individual matters let the person decide.  The government doesn't need to tell you how to build your home - they certainly won't compensate you if you buy one with a fault.

You will notice the Greens try to control the economy and are high taxing, but will mainly let people make personal decisions.   The Libs are small government in theory, but in practice not-so-much.   Family First is more free market than the Greens but will try to make decisions on behalf of the individual.   The Rann Government tries to control both the economy and personal decisions to a fair degree.
I don't know the position of all the players but from from the major ones I an quite unique.

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Liberty does not mean all services provided

"The free man is the man who is not in irons, nor imprisoned in a gaol, nor terrorized like a slave by the fear of punishment ... it is not lack of freedom not to fly like an eagle or swim like a whale."

Claude Helvetius
French Philosopher (1715-1771)

In other words, abuses of liberty are imposed by a person, not by natural causes or incapacity. When we talk about "rights", they are rights to be protected from others, not to be provided for our every need. Helping others provide for themselves the basics of life is a moral necessity, but should never be a legal obligation.